I have this best friend who I see about once a year (if I'm lucky). We met online when we were 16. I had a fashion blog. She had a fashion blog. And the rest is history. It's pretty miraculous how we managed to stay connected when one of us lives in California while the other lives in Boston. Now that we're both done with school and are enslaved by full-time jobs, we live completely separate lives. Yeah texting is cool and all, but real friendships need tangibility. It's also a trust thing. Like, will my friend get my back when I need it the most or is he/she just there to smoke my weed then dip out.

    So out of all the friendships and whatever-ships that I've been involved in, this one is probably the most unexpected. I have to make a toast to fate for this one. It started with blog comments. Then 5 years later, she's in London to visit me during my time abroad. I have this really awesome story... So we were outside Buckingham Palace, doin' our thang. We ran into a group of girls who started following us and saying konichiwa. We were like "No, we're not Japanese." And of course they continued harassing us and trying to prank us cause ironically they speak no English. Every time I look back at this very moment, I can feel that energy again. We were getting mad. My face was warming up and my hands were clenching into fists. I was ready to throw the fuck down. But just as quick as it all unfolded, the moment dissipated into thin air. As we walked away towards the rest of our day, I turned to Miranda and asked her if she was going to fight them. She said yes because we can kick their asses.

Taken summer of 2013 at Venice Beach, CA.