Speedy Casual

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Don't have to wear a bra with this top... or at least I chose not to.
But that makes it too legit. So free. No restraints.

Balcony in Cancun

balcony-swim-2 balcony-swim-1 balcony-swim-3 balcony-swim-5

This was the view from my balcony in Cancun. It was so sweet waking up to clean white and turquoise blue. Perfect color combo for biz cards from moo.com. My family stayed at an all inclusive resort in the hotel zone for a five day getaway. Not too much was going on since we weren't in the heart of Cancun. Mostly eating, drinking and laying out by the pool or the beach -- which was exactly what I needed. Life can be too fast sometimes so slow your roll once in a while. Let yourself press restart.


Huge fan of white for summer. But gotta be careful cause I like sauces and sometimes I spill. 

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Brick & Mortar

Dress: Bliss/ Shoes: Diane Von Furstenberg/ Bracelet: Forever 21

I'm back at it. Took the plunge and bought myself a DSLR, so we're back in busy baby! See the rest of this set.

Summer Hit List

It's finally summer and though I'm not a big fan of the heat -- it's nothing an ice cream cone can't fix. This is what's going on this season. Mainly trying to chill and have a good time. My summer hit list is a reflection of that sentiment. I wanted to put together something visual so you can catch a glimpse of what running through my head when I dream out loud.



Hey there. We got this fresh mix by one of the homies. Tryin to make this a weekly thing, or something to that effect. Good production quality, good mixing, good fucking music. Peep it. You might have heard of some of the tracks. But you probably have never heard all of this together. That's for damn sure.

Listen to this on some decent speakers. Click here to listen.

my biggest fear

My biggest fear since "growing up" is idleness. Idleness in the sense that I would no longer have ambition. I loose sight of my dreams and goals. Yet too often, I find myself in a hurry. Too fast, too furious to achieve results. I worry that not seeing results immediately will mean that I've failed. And I dread failure. I'd rather not do something than do it with the knowledge that I would fail. Is it human nature to feel this way? Probably.