Strawberries for Thought

This is going to be me pouring out all those words that have been stuck on my mind. Inspiration, in general, has been lacking. Seeing the same things worn the same ways over and over again is tiring me. There used to be some novelty in fashion for me, but individuality seems to have succumbed to mass production. How do we expel our creativity without getting distracted? I feel like people paint portraits of themselves by borrowing other people's medium. Not to say that its a bad thing to be collective. Just that at some point, things that were once original are now compromised. I've come a long way. Self-discovery was rough. And finding an identity that really fitted me was rougher. But I think I've figured it out finally. Best way to give the middle finger to society is to make something up yourself. Dressing like boys who dress like girls who dress like boys. Swag.