Has slits on both sides, but these kinds of long black skirts are so hard to wear.
Never know what's on top.Wet hair beginning to dry. And that unprepared smile.


Was gifted this polka dotted bowtie from Bows N' Ties. You know I love a good one. Currently back at school and kind of laying low. Trying to settle in and establish a routine.


Dyed the back layer of my hair copper brown a couple months ago but I don't think I've shown a clear photo. Its not as crazy as it looks. Blends in nicely with my darker layers.


For some reason, lithography and vintage prints really fascinate me. Especially appreciate the aesthetics of old time biology textbooks. All botanical-ed out. These ones kind of remind me of evil and darkness. Lightly gathering the pieces together to prepare for October 31st and men's costumes. Couple's costume most likely.

Back One Day

Ph. Zoli Novak

The most dreaded day has come. The last page to our first chapter. Feelings of emptiness, but know that the book is not finished. This novel will be as thick as Webster's dictionary when we are through. Engraved with words like windows to those places in time. When chapters like the past only prepare for the future.

Can't See

For some reason I really dig these. Disheveled and pretty.


Trying to get all the wear out of these babies before I head towards summer and insanely hot weather.


Sunny Saturday

Homemade donuts and coffee refills. We really go to that cafe for the atmosphere. Zoli liked the 50s layout and vintage machines. I just like the idea that no one is ever there besides you and your company. An antique mall adventure afterwards. Thoroughly enjoyed the chaos of the place. Clutters of old things sectioned into different walled off booths. If only I had the means to satisfy all of my heart's desires.


Fallen prey to the "cold"- so typical of me. This past weekend, I've just been watching bad romantic comedies and being a potato. Been using my brain a lot to think about the use of space. Haven't even seen the actual structure of my apartment yet (I know). But drawing inspiration from everywhere. I'm obsessed with having the dream bedroom right now! Its all that I talk about.