Folded the mint green turtle neck so that it will stop being an atrocity. I hate the feeling of something tight around my neck. Can't stand it. But I guess the fix on collar is okay.


The most wonderful time. Spent last Saturday at the Academy of Sciences. Free guest passes courtesy of Zoli. Thought it was a good opportunity to try out my new Minolta. The focus is unusual.


Beach yesterday. Finally warm enough. Even had my shoulders burnt.


Sun kept messing around. One moment it was here. Then next it disappeared. I'm contemplating a semi-drastic hair style change. By that I mean the least possible amount of semi-drastic.



Had an interview today- planned a picnic for afterwards. Went to the Marina area near the Palace of Fine Arts. Imported salami, sprouts, and barbeque sauce toasted between an English muffin. Usually make it with cheddar but someone forgot. Also, was determined to get current with posts so I forced this kid to snap some photos.