Cameras are fun. Expired film is cheap. Unexpected surprise.


Same Day

I've posted photos from this day before. But it was just such a memorable day that I can't help but excavate even more. This is it I believe.


(Studdedhearts, Feaverish, the Electric)


Random Energies

From what I can remember- swap meet, little doggie, Italian food, frame shop at night, at the top of San Diego, and finally beautiful friend picking fresh veggies for a salad...


Artificial beef flavored rice noodles, spam with egg, spam with teriyaki, not so delicious rice, Japanese brand seaweed, and green tea- all for breakfast... breakfast at 1 pm.


What started out as a magical morning slowly transformed into a dreary noon. Stopped to sit in a scrawny field of white and yellow flowers, an attempt to fix the wrong. The afternoon brightened up, but emotions continued to roller coaster.



The light leaked. Or maybe the lab fucked up with the chemicals. Either way.