Arts Lab

Leather Vest & Tank- Thrifted, Shorts- Levis, Boots- Forever 21

I'm normally a really lazy person. It takes a lot of effort for me to finish something on time because I procrastinate like crazy. Lately, I've been really motivated to go to the gym to run and swim. And it made me realized that sometimes- you really have to push yourself. Boundaries expand and things happen in ways you couldn't imagine before.


Ocean Beach

Jacket & Sweater- Thrifted, Shorts- Vtg Versace, Boots- Marshalls

The weather was kind of weird. At times it was too cold. At times it was warm. Such an awkwardly winter outfit for a beach stroll. But it was so fun nonetheless. Reunited with Ocean Beach at last.

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Ph. Deanna Chang

You've definitely seen this bunny printed dress before, but through such kind of photos. Deanna tagged me in them a couple weeks after we hung out in SF. In a way it made my day. Reminded me of the adventures and her. So nice to have little surprises.

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Jacket- Vintage, Blouse & Shorts- Thrifted, Shoes- Steve Madden, Bag- Hugo Boss

I'm heading home for Thanksgiving tonight and I'm so excited for colder weather. My mom called and said its freezing in San Francisco. Yes! Definitely breaking out the peacoats and tights and boots...

(Studded Hearts, Viktor Vaultier)


Save More

Blazer- Ralph Lauren, Blouse & Shorts- Thrifted, Bag- Lacoste

There's this one shit hole of a thrift store that I absolutely love going to. The whole environment reminds me of home. And the feeling of finding something cheaper than what it should me really excites me. Too bad it takes so much effort to go there.


Halloween Weekend

5 cities in 3 days. How did we do it? Had the best time of my life that weekend. Started off with a cruise. Then went to San Diego for the beginning of Friday night, but back to Newport. Left the next morning for Santa Barbara. Hung out and went to San Luis Obispo. Then back to Santa Barbara. Pulled an all nighter and got home after sun rise. Stayed in Irvine for the last night. Definitely worth the deprivation of sleep.

P.S.- I was a magician.