Same Blazer

Blazer- Vintage, Shirt- Ann Taylor, Jeans- Nordstrom Rack, Shoes- Naturalizer

I feel like my attitude towards clothes has slowly changed as of late. All I want to do is wake up late and throw on whatever and have it look good and work out. So I purged my closet. A lot less loose ends and now I have a solid brick of basics. I might end up wearing the same things over and over again... which can be a good thing.

P.S.- I'm in LA and am down for more recommendations.

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This is one of my favorite photographs that any of my friends have ever taken of me. Its kind of flawed and candid. I was at an antique shop in Sonoma with Maxx. Lived in a suitcase and was running out of clothes. Sonoma ended up being colder than I had prepared for. Thank god for the Ralph Lauren blazer and the boots. Life savers.

I'm going to LA next Wednesday. I'd love some suggestions of places to visit, good food to try, fun clubs to party at, etc. And if anyone wants to meet up and shop, I'd love that as well.


Glasses not on face

Blazer & Bag- Ralph Lauren, Tshirt & Hat- Thrifted, Shorts- USA, Loafers- Etienne Aigner

Winter on top. Party at the bottom. Was too tired to put thought into an outfit. Ended up with the above and liked it enough to take photos. Saw Andre Nickatina and Smoov E last night at Slims. So tired. Went to sleep at like 4 am. Enjoyed ice coffee and a hilarious conversation with my friend Avi. We have the same sense of humor. Win.

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Banjos, more banjos, bed big enough for four, retro booty shorts, my orange tan, Walmart/heaven, my favorite little brother, cracking beer bottles against wire fences, lovely vanity, and antique shops = Sonoma.


On the Fence

Blouse- Thrifted, Boater Hat- Vintage, Jeans- Nordstrom Rack, Shoes- H&M

Its summer. I kind of want to not have to worry about getting home before dinner- or getting home at all. Seriously, things need to start feeling more carefree. I'm about to go mad.

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