Gay Pride!

Another year of Gay Pride and it never gets boring! Its just an overall wonderful environment to drink and chill with friends. I really like "people watching"- all the weird costumes and hilarious nudity. And to think that I'm leaving my city in a month. So proud to be from San Francisco!



Zoe invited us to her aunt's house in Ross to spend the day swimming, chilling and eating. Perfect Sunday to end an adventure filled week. I'm almost still exhausted because sleep has been scarce. And minus the mosquito bites all over my body, we had a really fun time. House was gorgeous. A taco trunk stopped by to prepare dinner! That's literally like a dream come true for me. Came back to San Francisco on the Golden Gate bridge and I found myself wondering how many more times I'll go across it before I move to college.


The Community Garden

So the other day, we went to this community garden to take photos. I guess we got too into the scenery because we end up forgetting a bag of clothes there. The gate was locked by the time we came back. The fences around the area are all barbed, overall- impossible to get in. But Deanna really wanted her clothes... so what do we do? We rung the doorbell to the apartment next door and asked to climb over through their back yard. The family was nice but mumbled excuses out of letting us through (reasonable). It was ridiculous because we rung the doorbell to the next house. The elderly couple who lives there was so excited to help, they brought out a step ladder. So a couple stairs, couple fences, and a rose bush later- we got the bag.


Red, White & Blue

Cardigan- NY& Company, Striped Top- Thrifted, Jeans- Ninas, Shoes- Riekers, Bag- Modcloth

I love this striped sweater because its so practical. I can just throw it on with anything and it'll make for a really comfortable ensemble. Kind of realized how I've slowly purged my wardrobe of some things I never really wear. That's why I'm always selling stuff. Its easier for me to have a few things that work with each other than a large fancy closet that isn't cohesive.

(Studded Hearts, tFS)

The Lookbook

Once again, I'm trying to clean out my closet. Help me! Shop It Over guys. Let's do this. (Accessories such as hats and sunglasses aren't for sale. I guess just pay attention to the title of the items and their tags.) *I do ship internationally. Depending on the weight, its usually $13.50.