Jacket- Denim & Co., Blouse- Vintage, Tank- Haitus, Skirt- Cutesygirl, Boots- Thrifted

I am so in love with this renaissance-esque blouse. So excited to wear it with lots of other stuff during the summer. So how are you guys? I've been doing bikram yoga every Saturday along with swimming. Not much homework, but I have aps next week. Prom is coming up. Maybe going away for the next couple of weekends.

Thrill Kill

Cardigan- J. Crew, Tee, Bag & Skirt- Thrifted, Shoes- Naturalizer, Collar- Vintage

Long time no outfit post? To be honest, I've just been wearing versions of the same look for days. I'm tired of dressing for winter, bare legs and sandals need to happen. Today was beautiful. Hung out with homies in the Mission. Getting ready to party some more.


Say Hello

Jacket- Denim Co., Top- H&M, Skirt- Thrifted, Boots- Ralph Lauren, Bag- Modcloth

Read all the insightful comments from yesterday's post. And its really added more to how I originally felt. Its really cool how communication is so easy these days. We can share our opinions and build up our foundation of knowledge. But we can never know it all- that's why life stays being interesting. I have yet to know what's out there at 18. I probably won't know everything when I'm 88.

(Pepper & Chips, Le Fashion)

Straight Edge

Polka Dot Cardigan- Liz Sport, Lace Top & Skirt- Thrifted, Boots & Boater Hat- Vintage

I'm usually really good about taking medicine, the taste doesn't repulse me and I never want to gag. But my mom is making me take these vitamins that are disgusting. I absolutely can not stand the smell or taste. So there's always something out there that may defeat you.