Flower Girl

Dress- Vintage, Denim Vest- Thrifted, Floral Headpiece- Homemade, Shoes- Colin Stuart

Been meaning to post these since they are well overdue. Over winter break a bunch of us drove up to San Rafael to hang out at Megan's casa. During intermission, we trekked to a neighboring hippie town and ended up at some cool places (like the coffee shop in the photos).

(Le Fashion, tFs)


Antique Places

Spent the weekend and most of Monday up in Sonoma at my friend Maxx's property. Ate way too often, swam in freezing waters, hot tubed again and again, and had a wonderful start to spring break. These photos are from Monday when we went to the local downtown antique shops. Hilarious stuff.


greek life

Cardigan- Vintage, Dress- From Greece, Skirt- Cutesygirl, Shoes- Gojane, Bowler Hat- Forever 21

Currently watching "The Blind Side" and its actually really heart warming. I have to pack some stuff in a little bit and then accomplish some last minute things. First day of spring break and I had to spend 3 hours at the post office to renew my passport. Wore this look out- its a reconstruction of the white gauze dress I got in Athens 3 summers ago. Love the draping.

(Le Fashion, Knight Cat, tFS)



Cardigan- J.Crew, Floral Shirt- Thrifted, Shorts- Vtg Versace, Shoes- No Boundaries, Bag- Hugo Boss

Weekends start on Thursday... I live by this motto. So I went to three hours of school in this slightly granny-esque outfit. Never would I have guessed that I'd wear such high-waisted shorts. I used to be really particular about the way I dressed, very stuck in a box. Now? Not so much. Its a good thing.