Just Happened

Just happened to find a shady underground of a Mexican dollar store with a broken mirrored display case. All of this happened during my last hang out with Derek. Yes, we do really weird exploring. I never got around to posting these until now. I just think they're pretty cool looking.


Grassy Area

Cardigan- Comax, Polka Dotted Blouse- Thrifted, Shorts- Vtg Versace, Boots- Ralph Lauren

Outfit from yesterday, man I love these old denim. Short from a pair of jeans my mom worn back in the 90's. Some scissors and viola, amazing comfort. And these brown boots are awesome- gift from the father. So that's it, let the weekend begin!

(Jak&Jil,Anna Soffia, Facehunter)


Girl Sailor

Hat & Anchor Sweater- Thrifted, Leggings- Marshalls, Scarf- Handmade, Shoes- Naturalizer

Wish there was better documentation of today, prior to the fog that now encompasses my neighborhood. But so much fun was had- homemade pizza, orange juice & lemonade mix, local market for root beer floats, various tv shows, and of course jokes. The perfect Sunday afternoon... on a Monday.

(Studded Heart, tFS, the Electric)


Book Smarts

Blazer- Ralph Lauren, Ruffle Top- For Sale, Shorts- Thrifted, Loafers- Etienne Aigner

All layered up and a bit nerdy this afternoon. I took the scarf that Deanna hand knitted out for a test run. Now to introduce you to a new member of my shoe family- these lovely leather loafers. My dad, surprisingly, had three pairs of shoes waiting for me last night. Being good does pay off. I'm excited to show you guys what was accomplished with the three hours spent in the area behind me, but that will have to wait. Patience is virtue?

(Luis Sanchis, Flora Hanitijo)


Easy Mix

Aviator Jacket- For Sale, Blouse- Halston, Shorts- Thrifted, Boots- Vintage

I thought it was going to rain hard today hence a simpler outfit. I usually wear my old ghetto waterproof jacket but decided against that idea. You see- I wear that number every time it rains. And I like change. Change is progress. And progress is good.

(Feaverish, Studded Hearts)