Dress- Sophistix, Vest- Thrifted, Shoes- Joan & David, Butterfly Clip- LA

I enjoy dressing like a little kid. Kind of embarrassing if you choose to look at it that way. Adore boy's clothing, especially flashy 80's jackets (which I shall show you eventually). I mean, you've seen this outfit before since its from months back. But I thought I'd show you these two photos.

(KnightCat, Yvan Rodic)


Blazer- Ralph Lauren, White Top & Shoes- Thrifted, Backpack- Vintage, Pants- J. Crew

So I have no idea why that first photo turned weirdly orange... but I guess it's pretty cool. I haven't felt inclined to dress up as much in college. I just feel comfortable in shorts and tops. Its frustrating sometimes. I want to do more outfit photos.

Was Back Home

Leather Jacket- UO, Blouse- Vintage, Skirt- Thrifted

Can't wait to go home for Thanksgiving! Lately- I've been in a rut with things. Too much fun and too little focus. Plus some bullshit with the love life. Not that I'm trying to date anyone right now. It's always been fuck bitches get money with me.



Like you couldn't tell- but I'm so into film photography. The product always turn out interesting even if someone fucked up... usually my face. So this was a photo representation of the past month.

Just Saying

Last photo I left for you is priceless. My face. It shows how much I love Steve Aoki. Hatin' college but love it for all the parties!



Cardigan & Shoes- Thrifted, Top- Central Park, Shorts- Armani Exchange, Socks- Primark

Feels so good to be back home for the weekend. Hung out with Karen yesterday and of course she took these photos. We did a round in the Haight and had dessert at Tart to Tart. Leaving tomorrow for Irvine again. Totally bittersweet.


On a Boat

Traveling is probably what I live for- amongst a few other things. Its the feeling of being in a totally new city. The endless possibilities. Maybe even learning a new language. And of course meeting new people. I'm a sucker for the freedom. These photos are from Windermere in the Lake District. Such a small little English town. I really enjoyed waking up late, the casual lunches, and the night time walks.