Starting over is a very difficult thing.


An outfit which I wore a lot when I went to San Diego a couple weeks ago.


Ph. Zoli Novak

Being young at heart can be such a struggle sometimes.


Life. On the verge of making some changes to it. And some have just been made. I feel like its about the right time. I have an image in mind of where I want to be. Just need to move towards that. Where do I see myself in one year?


At the San Diego zoo on a rainy day. Dimly lit kitchen. White eyelet blouse with a little Chihuahua.



When you find a hat that only makes sense if it belonged to you (because it's the
perfect size and made by a Golden Gate hat company),
just wear it like you left it there all along.


I was set on having a "mermaid on the rocks" photo taken of me. Urged Zoli to do it. But then his expression dropped. And a wall (wave) of cold and wet cracked on top of me. Was already in a swimsuit, thank god.